Third Week at Thrillist

Today marks my third week at Thrillist and its been very productive for the past four days. Earl, Yong Ji, (two other interns working at Thrillist) along with myself have been transitioning our code for the contact page to the local drive content. This will affect the contact page and how it looks but will not affect the online Thrillist’ Contact page in the slightest. Once we revise the code and are confident that it works well with Thrillist’ code with little to no error, it will be added to the “Master” code. Then, it will be put live on the web for the world to see. This is mostly related to what our supervisor will do at the very end of Thursday; he’ll look over what we did along with his colleagues and come back with some feedback. We talked with our supervisor beforehand and that is his day-to-day role at Thrillist. Other than attending and scheduling meetings, he is also revising the code his team has worked on and will have it launched on the website where it will benefit Thrillist in the long run.



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