D3 Challenge

Part of being a programmer is being able to learn new languages quickly. That’s what Derek and I have been doing all week. We started to learn D3 on Monday. D3 helps visualize data into graphs, charts, and other designs that are more accessible and clear. Since this will be part of our new project, it’s required that we learn D3. From Monday to Thursday, all we did was code and learn D3. We decided to try making a bar chart using D3. Luckily, we had help from Helen, a ThoughtWorker, which made things way easier. We went from understanding each line of code to finally putting it into use for our bar chart.

The biggest highlight of my week was finally grasping a better understanding of D3 and how we can use it to visualize data. Also, our group project team took Derek and I out to a Persian restaurant which was REALLY good. It was also a lot of fun since we learned more about them.


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