And It All Ends

This was my last week at JPMorgan although it was not for my coworkers. Throughout the internship, I was hoping that this wouldn’t come soon but it seems that the time flew by. As they say, “time flies when you’re having fun”. I think the most interesting part of this summer was being able to go more in depth with CSS and HTML, because during the school year, these were not two of our major priorities in our lessons. At the same time, this was also one of the most difficult parts of the internship because there were so many different elements that contributed to the functioning of these languages.

Since it was my last week, there was a final presentation where I had to demonstrate what I learned this summer and what my team as a whole had completed in the past three weeks. I felt that it was a good experience to present in front of the whole team because I was able to practice my presentation skills. There was also a final interview with my supervisors and they were very eager to hear what went well this summer and what might need improvement. This was exactly one of the reasons why I found it very facile to talk to them even though they were adults. It was not something that I found intimidating which, meanwhile, most kids my age find to be difficult. This summer has seriously been an experience that will not only change the course that I will take in college but also has taught me to be a better communicator with those around me.


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