3rd Week at TFA

This weekend went much faster then I thought it would. On Monday, we had our first meeting with our manger Olga. She sent us an email reminder saying we had to meet at her desk at 2:00 pm. But somehow we didn’t see her email until 2:02 pm. That was a big mess Indeed, it was our first meeting and we didn’t show up on time. She took a look of what my partner Jartiza and I have done so far. We were stuck at some places in jQuery so Olga helped us understand how each function works. At some point I had no clue about how it worked. But than later she explained it over and over and made my life a whole lot easier to understand the process. This week we worked hard to finish our project. So far we are pretty much done with everything. We still have to work on the CSS a little and then we will be all ready to go. Yesterday was the best day of the past 3 weeks. First, Arina brought half and half milk for Jaritza and I so we could drink coffee ( isn’t that so sweet of her — she adores us so much). And today, right after our evening scrum, we met the new employees who joined TFA as app developers. They are going to work with my manager Olga and her other 2 team members (I don’t remember his name though).

Funny story from this week: Olga and Arina sat on the gym exercise ball, and then, the new guys asked Olga if he could use it or not. Olga told him it’s ok if he wanted to sit on it. However, there weren’t enough air in the ball so he and Olga worked to pump up the ball. He continued to pump it, pressing it up and down with his feet. Suddenly, one side of the pumper opened. Olga was trying to help him close the part but the air was coming out and she failed to close it. They started pumping it again until they made it work. The days are passing by really quickly. Next week will be the last week of internship. And honestly I will miss TFA and all the people from my team. They are the sweetest people ever. And for sure I will miss the delicious smell of Indian food.


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