3rd Week at About.com

My 3rd week at About.com was very fun. On Monday, the other interns and I went to lunch with the COO at About.com, Scott Kim, at an Japanese restaurant called Haru. This was my first time eating at an Japanese restaurant and I had difficulties trying to eat with chopsticks. Raul tried to teach me how to use it, but I still failed whenever I attempted to use it. When I tried to use it, I was only able to pick up one grain of rice at an time while everyone else was able to use chopsticks perfectly and finished eating before me. I eventually gave up.

Today, I asked my supervisor, Andrew,  some questions relating to his daily schedule at About.com and what made him decide to become a programmer. For the first question, he said his daily schedule was just to wander in, do morning scrum, choose and/or work on a story, go to lunch with teammates and then continue working. His answer to the second question was that he got into computer programming when he first created a Sudoku program that took him hours and he loved it. Then, when he got to college, he was wondering what he should do with his life. He decided to choose computer programming because he loved the challenges that he faces when programming.


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