3 Down, 1 More To Go!

The third week at Contently wasn’t bad. Our manager stopped by and explained the next step of the project to us. During our third week, we were still fixing the company’s issues. This week,we worked more with Javascript and HTML haml. We had to make an individual workbox for each of the assignees so it will be more easier for them to find where they are supposed to work. My partner and I faced some difficulties because some of the parts were confusing. Thankfully, Sanjay and Kevin came to our rescue and explained the parts. Although I wanted to, we didn’t get to ask Sanjay our Career Questions. He was just really busy. We will be able to sit down and talk a little about this next week. People at Contently are ¬†friendlier than before. I like interning at Contently because here we are more independent, more comfortable and enjoy our leisure time peacefully. I think I have been repeating the same schedule for the past three weeks and it’s not boring at all. I am a little disappointed because I have only one more week to spend here. The experience I developed here at Contently is amazing. It seems like only yesterday, I walked through that door to spend a little time in the world of a professional programmer.



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