“Welcome to the World of Programming”

On Tuesday, Ghostery celebrated their 5th anniversary with a “paid day off”. I was relieved to know that since I really needed a long sleep because of all the new and difficult stuff I was going through. Learning a new programming language is never easy. And it gets even more difficult if you have no way to practice what you are learning. As it was with me, I wasn’t able to practice C# due to the lack of a good IDE. I was told to wait until they got me a windows operating system which is required to install a good IDE known as Visual studio. Instead of waiting and being 0% productive, I decided to go ahead and tryout some new stuff. On the internet, I came across angularJS. I realized that AngularJS makes dynamic webpages as easy as it can get. After two days, I got my windows laptop where I was able to install Visual Studio. But then, I couldn’t figure out anything with the software. There are just too many options everywhere. At the end of that day, I realized I just wasted a couple hours simply trying to figure out an IDE instead of using the IDE to C#. On the next day, my supervisor showed me where to write C# programs in Visual Studio but I was confused and I am still confused. I guess this is a good way for me to learn about the job of a programmer. “Welcome to the world of programming”.


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