Week at Thrillist

This week was my first week working at Thrillist because of my trip in Alabama for the previous week. So technically this was my first week. To start off, I was amazed at how everyone functioned at a working environment. This was my first time experiencing such a surrounding. My supervisor Ken was very nice and caught me up with the project I was supposed to be working on. We also had a thing called “stand-up meetings” where everyone in a specified team gathered in a room and discussed what they’re engaging and progressing on. I was standing up the whole meeting because there weren’t sufficient seats available and the meeting was quite a while so my legs got pretty tired after.

Afterwards was lunch time and one of the workers, Kwadwo, took me out to lunch. We had a very thought-provoking conversation while we walked. I acquired a decent amount of information ranging from working at Thrillist to studying computer science in college. The place that Kwadwo took me consisted of very expensive salads and sandwiches. Although this didn’t quite surprise me considering it was located at Soho. In conclusion, my first week working at Thrillist was interesting and I look forward to the remaining weeks I have left.


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