Week 2 at TFA

The thoughts running through my mind on the start of my second week at Teach for America were a bit different from the thoughts I had on my first week. The nervousness I felt on my first day was replaced by excitement and a bit of confidence. I walked to my desk, ready to work on the project I had started the week before with my partner, Riki. However, when I reached my desk, I found out that things wouldn’t go quite as I had planned. That was because my co-worker, Robert, informed me that both my supervisor, Olga, and Riki were out sick, leaving me to work on the project alone. Thankfully, with the help of some music, Google, and the various cups of coffee I had, I was able to work out much of the Javascript components of the project.

The next day, I was glad to see that Riki and Olga had made it in. Riki and I continued working on the form. With some assistance from Olga, we were able to use Bootstrap to easily format our project. We continued working on the project through Wednesday as well.
Walking into the office on Thursday, however, was a pretty strange experience for me. This probably had to do with the fact that whenever most girls (myself included) picture the day of their 16th birthday, it does not consist of writing code for about 7 hours. Yup, it was my Sweet 16, and although it wasn’t how I ever imagined my 16th birthday would turn out to be, the satisfaction I got out of seeing how much progress Riki and I had made in the project seemed like a wonderful birthday gift. Despite the sickness and the lack of milk in the many cups of coffee I drink (I keep forgetting to bring my own milk…what a shame), I was able to make a ton of progress with the project and end my second week at TFA on a great note.

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