Two Weeks Down, Two to Go!

Today is the last day of the second week for my internship at I had lots of fun this week by being able to mess around with my code. Being able to see all the awesome things about my job is really cool too. Since my internship is in Times Square, I get to see so many awesome things. This week, they put up an art installation right next to my work place. I find it fun to watch the world change around me, and thanks to my job being in the heart of the city, I’m able to see this happen on a daily basis.

This week, Jovan and I were fixing up our project so that we could get it closer to what the company wants it to be. We have been working quite diligently so that we could get the project live as soon as possible for the team we are creating it for. We are now currently waiting for the designer to send us what the project should look like so that we can move on. While we wait, we are trying to constantly make the project better in anyway that we can.


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