Time is Ticking Away

This week was a slow week for me. Nothing exciting or amazing happened this week. Everyone in the company was busier than usual. Every week, someone has a birthday and one of the employees would make us stand up and wish for that person. That’s actually very caring. Sometimes, my partner and I would get stuck in something, and none of us would dare to get up to go ask someone for help because either someone has their headphones on or someone is really busy. But we were actually surprised when one of the employees named Kevin stopped by our desk and volunteered to help us. We used that chance and immediately filled him up with questions which was I think kind of awkward. He was really happy to help us though; that’s all that mattered. On Wednesday, they swapped our desk out because they have new interns and they need extra desks. We ended up far away from our manager and Kevin. This made it way more difficult for us because now we are at a different place with more new people. It’s been one day since we moved to a new place and it’s much louder than the old place. Even though we are in a same room, but a different place, something doesn’t feel right. Or maybe it’s just me. I will have to get used to this new area now and the fact that we are far away from the people who usually help us. Contently is great though. Everyone is really friendly like I said in the last blog. I am just kind of disappointed that there are only 2 more weeks just as we are starting to get used to the familiar faces. After that, it’s over. I wish this internship lasted a little bit longer.



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