Second Week at Thrillist

Wednesday concluded my second week at Thrillist. On that same day, the company celebrated that their new product was almost ready.The product is a unique design of clothing and will be ready for release in the following months. Thrillist is full of celebration this week. The following day, on Thursday, was the company’s picnic. The entire day consisted of Thrillist’s members going on a full day of fun around the best places to hang out in New York. The picnic ended who knows when but was expected to be full of cheer and good fun. Going back to the main topic of this weekly blog is the work and progress I accomplished with my fellow interns during this past week. Myself, Earl, and (new member who couldn’t join us the previous week) Yong Ji worked on more features for the Thrillist contact page, and on Tuesday, we discussed what CSS/Designs would be best suited for the page and match Thillist’ original design the most. This would basically sum up the highlights/most-interesting moments during this week at Thrillist. Hopefully, the following week along with my fellow interns will be the same as this week: enjoyable, interesting, and all good fun.


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