Second Week at TFA

The second week didn’t quite go like the way I wanted it to go. I had a high fever since Sunday night, and because of that, I couldn’t make it in for the first day of my second week of the internship. When I went back on Tuesday, it felt like it was Monday. There was tons of work waiting for me to get done at TFA. I tried make up all the work I missed on Monday, but all of a sudden, I started feeling dizzy and exhausted. Sometimes, I got tired of sitting at the same desk for 7 hours a day. And yet, it doesn’t feel that bad. Sometimes, working  on the CSS was kind of frustrating; there were some parts that I didn’t know how to get done. My manager was really busy and I didn’t want to ask my manager for help without trying it myself. I figured it out by myself; the joy I got after getting something to work seems a lot bigger than the feeling of frustration (Google is the only friend that you need 😜 ) . During the past 3 days, I finished the HTML prototype and then I used CSS to make the design look better. At my internship, my manager required us to use bootstraps template. We have to use bootstraps to make the form responsive in every device such as PC, phone, tablet, etc. So far, we are done with all the HTML and CSS for the page, but we haven’t finished all of the JavaScript work. We have done most of the JavaScript. On Monday the 21st, my manager and other 2 co-workers are going to check our project work that my partner and I have been working on for the past 2 weeks. And I hope they like our work!


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