My Second Week at

During my second week at, I had lots of fun. I continued working on our project with Raul during this week. We were given different things to add or change on the project by Andrew.  When I need help, I did the 3 steps we learned during the Boot camp which were: to ask Google,  ask Raul, and if I still needed help, I would ask Andrew.

While working on the project, I learned about new things such as some JQuery functions like .empty() and .show(). I used the .show function with $.ajax error function so that it would show a hidden div that would tell if a error happened when trying to display a graph with the mock API we were using. I used the .empty function with the setInterval() function in order to automatically empty the div so i could redisplay the graph again after it got empty. In addition to that, I learned about a new library called underscore so i can use it to compare objects using the _.isEqual() function. Overall, I had a great learning experience.


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