Getting Comfortable at Getty Images

The project I am working on is trying to show the specific page numbers on the search page, so when a person clicks on the number, the page will show up with all of its results.  This was difficult not because I don’t really understand angularjs. If anything, I think I am becoming very fond and familiar with angularjs. However, I am referencing other people’s code to see how they did it and I don’t really know how to take what they did and make it work for myself.   I emailed my manager to let him know I was having trouble and I received a response saying that he was glad I was challenged and he was very willing to help me with it.  I’m so glad that my manager is very understanding because when I first started this internship, I was very nervous and I knew it was gonna be challenging from the beginning. I didn’t feel well prepared to work on the project but he makes me feel comfortable.  From now on, I try to tackle a task and see how much I can do. If I ever get stuck, he helps me through my problem.


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