Busy Week

This week was another hectic, fun week. For myself, my favorite part was going to Democracy Now and watching a live show with the host, Amy Goodman. She spoke on very intense, deep topics and brought others into the conversation from other places around the world. She spoke on several topics, such as the war going on in Iraq and everything going on with immigration. I mostly enjoyed when she spoke about the young kids who have been crossing the border alone and what the US has decided to do with them. Afterwards, we were given a tour of the company and showed us the production/film room which was really cool.

In addition to going to Democracy Now, we were taken off the Drupal project because the company is moving off that platform. We will be given our project next week. However, we were told it would have to do with angular js. So now I am on a mission to learn angular js.

Derek and I also did another “Lunch & Learn”. We had ThoughtWorkers debate on whether or not ‘stop and frisk’ is right or not. Instead of everyone picking a side, we had them sit at the table they felt like sitting at and then Derek chose which table would be for it or against it.  We then gave out slips of facts that each individual can use to argue their position. The debate went really well and everyone was really engaged.

During the week, we went to a Fred Talk event with Maurya and that was interesting to hear what he had to say about Bitcoin. Derek and I also went to the Museum of Mathematics during our lunchtime. There were a lot of different activities and weird shapes too

Next week should be really interesting since we’ll be starting our new project. But it’ll also be a new challenge to face. And I am completely fine with that. Challenges make everything more exciting.

– Rebecca Ligier


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