Another Week at JPMorgan Chase

This week became a tougher week because we dove deeper into the project that we have to complete by the end of the internship. I am working on CSS and HTML in order to make sure that everything looks nice for the application we are building. I am not working alone because that would be a lot to cover, but rather, I have 4 other high school interns that I get to work with and I really enjoy that experience. It is new to me because I have never worked with anyone my age; I usually end up working with someone older.

There are some challenges that pop up during the process of creating our app but my coworkers are very helpful (and so is Google) when it comes to asking questions. There is a lot of patience in the intern room which is where all the interns work — ranging from students who are going to enter their junior year of high school to students who are going to enter their junior year of college. This week has also allowed me to get more comfortable with the people I work with which I personally believe is an important aspect to allow work to be completed more efficiently. So far, I can say that this has been an experience that I will for sure not forget.


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