A Day in the Life

The occasional yawn had disseminated throughout the office as Rebecca and I reestablished our skills in JavaScript. Upon leaving the office Monday evening, we hurried to a bitcoin event hosted by Fred Wilson, where he discussed his views and insights as a venture capitalist. The following days were a bit (haha) stressful since we had to manage events and research various topics. And, since we were aware that we might be receiving a new coding project involving the use of angularJS, we took it upon ourselves to learn more of it rather than Drupal.

On Wednesday, we got the fantastic opportunity to attend a live show of Democracy Now and meet the anchorwoman Amy Goodman. Since today was Thursday, Rebecca and I were successfully able to pull of another Lunch & Learn about Stop and Frisk, in which ThoughtWorkers were assigned one of two sides of the room at random and had to debate their particular view on the issue to ensure impartiality. This gave them a new perspective on a contemporary issue that concerns all citizens. Nonetheless, I’m very appreciative of the experience gained here.

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