2nd Week in the World of Professionals

1st week in the world of professionals was great so far. 2nd week also went smoothly,and like regular days. I’m getting used the company now  little by little even though only 2 more weeks are left to work there. Am I learning any new stuff there? Yes, I am. I’m learning how things work in professionals; how to communicate with people and apply what I’ve learned in ScriptEd coding classes as well. The project I’m working with my partner in Contently is tracking their issues from GitHub and organizing/styling them. It seemed easy at first but soon we figured out it’s not really that easy. The way the coding is written is a little different than what we’ve taught so it took us time to get the coding first and then write new ones based on those. But also, it was fun to read something new and puzzling, and then after understanding it, write new ones and make it work.

We had to swap our desks this week with new ones as some new interns came to the company. Now, our desks are kind of far away from our manager and the people we  used to get help from. The fun part is that now we’re mostly between women and this area is more louder than the previous. Normally, my partner and I get to the company around 9 and leave around 5 from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, we have our ScriptEd session where we talk about the week in each of our companies and get help from the volunteers if we’re stuck at any point. The past two weeks went really amazing;  I’m looking forward to spend two more weeks there.


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