Reflections on my First Day at Getty Images

I had wrote this when I had some free time on the first day and I was just reflecting on what had happened.

(11:10 am)

“My first day is starting out great.  I have my own cubicle which is very spacious and clean.  I sit across from each other but there is a wall that seperates us which makes it hard for us to communicate.  We have to communicate through an instant messaging app that the whole team uses.  I think I am most nervous about this afternoon because I know we will have to jump right into our work.”

(11:22 am)

(2:43 pm)

I had lunch with Lilibeth at 12.  We went to Chipotle, and we were able to get there before the big lunch wave came.  When we got back we had a meeting with Ido Rekem, Software Engineer and he told us about the overview of what the team works on.  Chris, our manager also showed us what we will be working on specifically and the tasks he wants us to do over the four weeks.”

(2:50 pm)


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