My First Week at TFA!

Starting to work at new job is always nerve-wracking and mildly terrifying. You want to make a good impression and work as hard as you can to get the job done. Being an awkward teenage girl from the Bronx, I was absolutely terrified and aware of everything that could go wrong on my first day of work at Teach for America. Therefore, to avoid being embarrassed the second I walked through the door by arriving late on my first day of work, I ended up walking out of the train station 30 minutes early.

So there I was, walking around Madison Square Garden so I wouldn’t show up while the office was still deserted. When there were 15 minutes left ’til 9 AM, I arrived at the office and waited to be greeted by my supervisor. However, instead of getting an explanation of the project my partner,Riki, and I would be working on for the rest of the summer, I was told to play a game. Yup, that’s right. Nope, you didn’t read wrong. A GAME. But not just any game. I played a CSS game and very frustrating Javascript game.

With all the meetings and interviews my supervisor had to attend, there was barely any time to sit down and explain our project. After working on the very entertaining CSS game and the impossible Javascript game (I’m still stuck on level 9 out of 21), we received our first assignment on Tuesday. We continued working on the project throughout the rest of the week and managed to complete most of the HTML and some of the CSS. Despite the frustrating level I’m stuck on, the technical difficulties, and the lack of milk in the kitchen, I was able to thoroughly enjoy my first week at Teach for America.


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