Journey to the Programming World of Professionals from a Simple Programming Classroom

It’s been only a year since I entered a whole new world of coding and yet it feels like it was only yesterday I went to the new after school computer-programming class and met the amazing ScriptEd volunteers who spent their valuable time on us teaching coding! With their help, I was able to get a glimpse of what it feels like to be in a world full of functions, selectors, tags, debugging, API’s etc, which today, lead me to this awesome company Contently. I’m an intern here in Contently for this summer through ScriptEd and I’ve been here for about a week. It’s the first time in my life where I’ve worked in a company and I’m really impressed and pleased with how everything  here works so smoothly. Everyone in Contently are so friendly and alive; they’ve made me feel comfortable since the first day I came here. Everything I’m experiencing here make me think in my mind if that’s how things work in professional lives. For the past week, each day to me seemed better and more enjoyable than the previous day. There’s no restriction for when to eat, or go to facebook/youTube unlike schools-colleges or some other places, and to be honest I found this really interesting and refreshing because all you do there is work, work and work! One interesting thing I came to experience was a monthly meeting which was only for women, and it seemed so wonderful to see all the women from Contently come together and talk about themselves. I’m only an intern here but being here and working on the tasks I’m given make me feel so into this way of living with professionals. All the co-workers here are so helpful that, even though everyone seemed busy, and I got stuck at some point, they came by themselves if we need any help or not. I’m really loving it;  it’s going great so far and I’m having fun. Can’t wait for Monday again!


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