Its Just The Beginning ………..

Not many people my age get to experience the kind of opportunity that I am grateful to be experiencing this summer, which is, being a programmer for a company. It’s exciting, nerve wracking, and a strength builder. Being a programmer really differs you from everyone else in the world that isn’t a programmer. Well, hi everyone that’s reading this. My name is Rebecca and this summer I am interning for ThoughtWorks with my buddy Derek….. and this really cute dog who follows us everywhere in the office.

But lets get into the real deal; my first day was hectic and so was the rest of the week. The most interesting part of our first day though was when we attended a Bitcoin event. We heard a presentation from MIT students and even met Morgan Spurlock!! As the week went by, Derek and I planned an event with the help of Jared and Amy. The event went amazing! We did a “Lunch & Learn” and basically we’d choose a theme for the month (ours was environmental injustice) and prepare how we’d like to “showcase” it. On Thursday, we invited ThoughtWorkers to have lunch and learn something about that theme. Derek and I chose to show a documentary on “The Ethics Of Fracking”. Once the documentary was finished, a conversation followed on our thoughts on what we had learned or thought of it. For the majority of the week, Derek and I were ripping our hair out trying to teach ourselves how to use Drupal. It wasn’t just a quick click download button; there were files after files and more applications to learn and download. Thankfully, our mentor David gave us a little jump-start. But teaching ourselves how to use Drupal and setting it up is a tremendous learning curve and also a challenge. I love challenges and researching Drupal really shows me how we don’t always need a teacher or person to learn something. It also shows how I don’t give up when there’s a challenge in front of me.
I’m looking forward to enjoying my internship at ThoughtWorks for the next few weeks.







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