It begins!

While I was walking towards the exit of the 28st train station Monday morning, I was accompanied by a sense of turmoil. Once entering ThoughtWorks, I had a solemn realization that everything was familiar and was surprised to find out that I was the first of my group to arrive. Continuing the day, people inevitably came and did the paper work. Rebecca and I had to fill out confidentiality  agreements and complete tests which expanded our logic and reasoning ability. With all our discussions with Jared, our supervisor, and paperwork the day had finally ended. Although, opportunities arose. We, the interns, were invited to attend and lecture on Bitcoin, which I had been interested in for quite some time. At the event we socialized and networked a considerable amount and got to meet an assortment of individuals. One individual we found particularly exciting was the documentarian Morgan Spurlock who appeared in “Super Size Me.” Continuing the week, both Rebecca and I found ourselves frustrated partly by the lack of time we had, in addition to  understanding how certain coding tools are used. Things that had polluted our time were events called “Lunch & Learns,” which Jared had encouraged upon us. In these events, which will be taking place every for the next two Thursdays, we screen a documentary on environmental injustice, and towards the end debrief on the issues and reasons why things are what they are. Though the week had felt interminably long, our experiences embodied in the course of the day were thoughtful and engaging!


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