First Week of Internship

First day of internship? Doesn’t that sounds scary? Ehhh I thought the first day of internship would be real hard for me to adapt  to. I thought my manager would wait to welcome me with stacks of work. But guess what… it turned out to be the exact opposite! My manger Olga  is such a sweetheart. I mean she is like the Apple Pie. Instead of giving us work the first day, she gave us games to play. ( on you mind you might be saying what? Game? But hold up I am not done yet!) The game is based on CSS and JavaScript. Jaritza and I had a really great time  playing the CSS game. But the JavaScript game was so frustrating. The place where  we sat is really quiet. The only sound  I get to hear is the click clack of keyboards. The second day, Rubber gave us work. We have to  re-design a form for Teach For America’s official page but we can’t change anything in the form because the business crew doesn’t want to change anything; instead,  they want to make it look prettier. And the project is temporary.  After working on the HTML file for 2 hours, me and Jaritza got tired. Since it’s Ramadan, and I am fasting, and I am not allowed to eat anything, Jaritza decided to grab some coffee for herself and I went with her to the kitchen. When we opened the freezer to get the milk out, there were different containers of milk with name tags (which made us both real confused).


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