First Week at Contently!

The first week of internship has been great so far at Contently. The people are very friendly and really helpful. On the first day, one of the co-workers brought his dogs with him and the environment was very calm and peaceful. Currently, my partner and I are working under Sanjay who taught us some basic HTML and CSS and gave us brief information about the company as well. This summer, we will be working on building an optimized front-end for tracking issues via GitHub. We will build a basic HTML form to provide options for the different fields of an issue. The second day was great as well. We went there on time and started working on our project. Our manager came and discussed some of the parts as well. The good news is, that at the end of the day, when we finished our work and showed it to the manager, he was very impressed. He started giving us compliments and told us he couldn’t wait to see the finished project. We really did feel great after accomplishing something amazing. The next day was a normal one. Co-workers would come and ask us how we were doing and tried to help us with any issues that came up. The last day of the week was my favorite… and not just because it’s the last day before the weekend. The company had a “Ladies Discussion” where all the women in the office would gather together at some place and share their experiences and fun facts. The ladies cheered me and my partner when we talked about ourselves and wished us the best. I really thought the first week would be hard and that I wouldn’t be able to do the work. Yet, it was just the opposite. To sum up, the first week at Contently was really great. I am really looking forward to learn some new programming from the project and have great experiences with the other workers.


One response to “First Week at Contently!

  1. I talked to Sanjay and he was super impressed with you guys! He had to come up with more stuff for you to do because you are zipping right through everything!

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