First Days as a Web Developer Intern

My ScriptEd internship began on July 7, 2014. So far, this has been a new experience. I am not used to coming in, making coffee, and just getting started on work. At Cristo Rey, internships were never like this. We got our own laptops which are Macs. I have never done coding on a Mac before and it is somewhat different. Our first day was not so bad. We learned a little about the terminal and how to use sublime text 2. On our second day, we started editing our app to see if it could do everything we needed it to do. We were able to accomplish some of the app’s functions with the help of our manager, Daniel. He has been a huge help and he is teaching us more advanced coding. On the third and fourth days we were able to get our app working and now we are personalizing it; soon we will be able to move on to the bigger project. Victor and I are having fun while we work.


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