Don’t Doubt Me

I was nervous. Extremely nervous. Though I had been in this situation before last year, I knew this time it would be different. I was entering a bigger, more professional work place, and it was certainly a new environment for me. What mostly flashed as a neon sign in my mind was the men to women ratio. Going into this field, I know I had to expect that this was how it was going to be; that no matter where I go, it is not very likely to find women like me. It’s the reason why Maurya placed Xandria and I in Getty Images. It is also my motivation. I walked in there, confident in who I was. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I know how to code. No, I don’t always look like the stereotypical nerd girl. A couple of times, I walked in there dressed as girly as girl can be. Yesterday, I walked in there with my Batman t-shirt. Don’t label me. Don’t confine me into one category. A programmer can be anyone.



On that note, the end of my week has come, and I am satisfied with myself. I have worked hard, and I have made some progress. I was anxious because this time I am working on a specific project for the company, and I was so worried that I wouldn’t know how to do anything, or that I would break something and prove myself to be incompetent for this job. But now I know differently. I know that I am right for this job. Honestly, I was having doubts that this type of job was for me, but the moment my code worked greatly, and I wanted to jump up dancing in a pretty silent office, I knew that it was worth it. I love the work that I have done and I can’t wait for the types of projects I would work on in the future.


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