First Week at Thrillist….

Today concludes my week of work at Thrillist, and at the beginning of my week, I was more thrilled than anything to start working. On Monday, I arrived half an hour ahead of schedule, walked into the company and got myself lost. Luckily, I eventually caught up with the meeting that Thrillist has every morning called “Standup” and is similar to the morning SCRUM meetings ScriptEd has at their bootcamps. By the end of the first day, I had a chance to meet the rest of “mentors” that Thrillist invited to work with us. Throughout the following days, I worked with Earl (another ScriptEd alumni interning at Thrillist) and we brainstormed on the course of action we would take for the project Thrillist charged us with. So far, its going really well…


2 responses to “First Week at Thrillist….

    • Sorry for the late response…
      Our Standup’s are around twenty to thirty minutes since each meeting has about ten 10 to almost 16 members each day it varies…

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