Re-imagining Society Through Coding Part 1

History repeats itself. That is a known fact. History is a humanity that powerful people like politicians pay attention to. Why? Because society is structured in the same way it was thousands of years ago. The reason why it seems like ancient societies were not as advanced as we are today is because the Human Race being the Human Race over time adapted to when different situations occurred and realized that, hey, if we did this instead of that then that wouldn’t have happened or if we make this person do this instead of that other guy then our lives would probably not be a hard as it is now. But, this evolution has speed up with the advancement of technology. With the development of gunpowder war technology has changed forever and that small tribe in the middle of the Middle East that was being raided by a bigger tribe could get their hands on this tech before their enemies and end up going on a conquest that would set the foundation for a superpower. Or, during the industrial revolution, which I believe is the most important era in modern history, where large powerful corporations were established and companies like J.P.Morgan invented a banking practice still used till this day. All this has pushed the human race to become a sophisticated species which can analyze a problem and suppress it as soon as possible. But we have not  made as big a jump a we did in the early 60’s through the 2,000’s. With the founding of companies that would forever change society. Companies like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle were being founded. Now you as a reader must have noticed how all these companies revolve around companies and most importantly computer programming. Because as we all know computers are the bodies but computer programs or software is the soul that gives us these beloved experiences on our computers smartphones and tablets today. So if computer programming is so important, if it is possible for us to find solutions to the endless problems that plague us today, if it is a source for a brighter tomorrow, then why do we not make our priority to make sure that we learn it? Because, in truth, how we today as humans see writing as an incredibly important tool that we would be lost if we did not have that is how tomorrow will  be.



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