Last week at Thillist = crunch time!

So, it’s the last week at my internship for me at Thrillist. Earl and  I are almost done with our currency converter project that we have been building for Thrillist. We just now have to immerse some  PHP into the code and then plug it into the websites code format, then we will be done. I honestly did not think it would be this stressful to create something like this. At first, it was all just so simple and easy, but as the time progressed so to did our need for the knowledge of code progressed. We had to learn how to code using PHP and how to implement it into the code. We had to learn how to use different forms of CSS and Javascript. For example we learned how to use a tooltip which neither of us have used before. So thanks to this opportunity of having an internship with Thrillist. I have learned many new things.



2 responses to “Last week at Thillist = crunch time!

  1. hi Raul, just passed by your blog about your thrillist post:
    I have a question: which kind of platform does thrillist use for their websites: wordpress? and their shopping experience?
    i’m curious to know because i like the design a lot.

    Hope you can help me with an answer.

    Best regards,


    • Thrillist uses JavaScript and CSS and also PHP for their website. (So sorry for the ultimate super late reply!)

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