Honestly, last week had been slow for me, but the speed in which this week is coming to its end is faster than expected. The last three weeks had become sort of a routine for me. I would wake up at seven o’clock or eight, have breakfast and be on my way by nine. I’d get to Contently by ten and get right to coding. Thats what the whole day has been like. I’m given a very independent position, in which I’m just working on my own (being the only dev intern), and have become adapted in solving my own problems. Sadly, my shyness and social awkwardness has prevented me from getting the full potential of the experience, but considering how bad it was when I was younger, I think that I’m doing pretty well, still. Going to those Thursday internship meetings that is gathering of interns from different companies, has led me to talk more with others, and thats definitely an improvement. As of today, I only have three days left here at Contently and I’m sad. Coming here everyday filled me with purpose because I finally had something to do that mattered. But then I remember, once this ends, I’ll have about three weeks to prepare myself to get thrown again into purpose, Senior Year.



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