Live Laugh Code

There’s more to being a successful coder than just knowing your “stuff.” I’m learning more and more  that a good programmer/coder is one that, even without the knowledge they need, can focus on what they have to do in order to gain it. Actually, the second part of what i just said, admittedly, did not come from me I heard that little sentiment while talking to a Thrillist employee. It seems as though everyone here is surprised to learn that the new dev. interns are straight out of high school and even more fascinated to hear about the currency converter project we’re working on for the company. Still, every morning  I walk through the door I am immediately hit with the pressure to know anything and everything about javascript, php, css, ruby, python, java, W3C, Ny, and just life in general (lol!). It is a pressure or a (mind-state even) that i know will lead me through college and (I am certain) through life as well.

P.S. Working in SoHo is awesome!!! Im going to miss it 😥




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