As a young African American man I’m not going to lie I’ve seen many things in the neighborhoods that i have moved to and from over the years that have been difficult  for me to cope with while attending a college preparatory High school. However, I stuck through it and in my senior year i managed to pick up on a extracurricular tech class that would unknowingly help me propel down a seemingly limitless list of opportunities. The class was called ScriptEd and I have to say that as high-school graduate and a college freshman there has been no greater decision that I’ve made recently (other than the decision to  wake up every morning and getting ready for my job) than walking through the door of room 202 sitting down waiting for my school laptop and starting the first day of the rest of my 2013 high school year. From that moment on Ive been furthering my knowledge in the programming language of Javascript, as well as the text markup and style hinting syntax of CSS and Html. If someone were to ask me the question “how has Scripted helped you the most ?,” my obvious answer would be (obvious to all of ScriptEd volunteers and prospects) placing me in a dev. internship at a digital media group named Thrillist. Words cannot not express (not from lack of vocabulary) how amazing it is to sit at a desk everyday, like a normal tech employee would, and just code away on a project that will actually be going live even after me and my partner leave and go onto future endeavors. My time here is something that i will cherish for the rest of my life and i dedicate it all to ScriptEd. No more will I be up late nights wondering why there is so much commotion out side my window. Growing up I’ve always been told the sky is the limit and now I’m actually witnessing those words come true and the feeling is pretty indescribable.


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