Right Decisions

During my freshman year, I tried to do everything that I could control right. I read when I had extra time on my hands and joined sports team to keep myself in shape and active. One of the other things that I did was join a club called ScriptEd. It is an after school club where you get to learn multiple programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I was drawn to this club because I love technology and I knew that if I went to the right classes and had the right tools I could be able to create and build worlds that I would see in the video games that I played like Battlefield or even larger worlds like EVE Online. I did not know at the moment I joined that I would be given the opportunity to work for a tech company during the summer and get to learn the different roles there were to a team within a company and how that team cooperated with other teams within the company to make sure that the company succeeded and was making profits. Not only was I given the opportunity to learn computer programming, which is something few know how to do, I also got a chance to go and learn first hand from a company that used these programming languages to build products and earn profits from these products. So I must say that joining ScriptEd was something I did right.



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