Its All Just The Beginning

All my life, I have been the shy, calm, and quiet girl, even among my family. It has led me to look at life in a bit of a different perspective. Coming into the Contently office two weeks ago put me out of my comfort zone, since it has thrust me into a place of unknown. Even though I am the mature one out of my peers, I’ve also been the one stuck in her own little daydreams. Walking into the office made me realize that may be best not to dwell so much in one’s own mind, when there are so much other things to do that involved others. My social skills have never been the best.

I am the youngest in the office, that I am pretty sure of. Whenever I am introduced to others, I am called the High School Dev Intern. Its kind of daunting. They look at me impressed because I’m able to work with web developing, which can be hard to comprehend for some people. The other day, I learned I was the only dev intern; everybody else had mostly a background of english or journalism, as expected with a website like Contently that was made for writers.

I have learned so much in the last two weeks, its been a bit of a whirl. Suddenly, I have all these new terms thrown at me, sometimes a mile a minute. I remember that I have a long journey ahead of me, as a computer programmer, and as a person in general. Its my last year of High School, and I am only just at the beginning.



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